(a) To bring together the various forces of the Greek-American community and mobilize them to react and defend the Greek ideals and concerns, when threatened by other interests. Specifically, we feel that University graduates of Greek descent are a force which has been lying dormant while individuals and groups attacking Hellenic ideals and concerns are running rampant. We see our organization as being a catalyst in bringing together all Hellenes (individuals and groups) and, together, help oppose the forces which assault us daily.

(b) To promote Hellenic principles and interests through our everyday lives. We believe that each one of us can advocate for our proud heritage. Acting as a group in a coordinated manner can maximize our chances for success in guarding our heritage from disintegrating into a way of living characterized by a distinct lack of vision, family unity, sense of history and spirituality among other.

(c) To organize educational events for the purpose of keeping alive Greek philosophy, literature, the sciences and the arts in the USA

(d) To bring together people with similar interests in order to share their ideas and concerns pertaining, but not limited to, professional, social, educational and political issues. Beside the ethnic, linguistic, religious, cultural and historical elements which tie us together, we also share many other common concerns and experiences. Getting together and sharing these experience and concerns, strengthens the ties that bind us together even more.
(e) To serve the Greek community as well as other communities in the New York area for the purpose of educating people and helping them better their lives and their communities.         Back to the HOME PAGE