"Dedicated to promoting Hellenism in America"
A non profit organization under the section 501 (c)(3) of the internal revenue code
P.O. Box 5787, Astoria, NY 11105
URL: http://www.arctech.net/houga
e-mail: houga@arctech.net

Dear Friends and University/College Graduates, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our organization, the Hellenic Organization of University Graduates of America (H.O.U.G.A.). Among other things, our organization provides its members with the opportunity to meet with other University Graduates who share similar interests and concerns: Graduates who are now either in the business world, part of Academia, and also individuals who have just embarked on the road to their careers.

As a Member of H.O.U.G.A., besides helping yourself by developing a valuable business and social network, you will also join us in helping our community and the promotion of hellenic ideals and culture. Your participation in our activities is needed.

As a Sponsor of H.O.U.G.A., your moral and financial support will enable us to realize our goals. For us, promoting Hellenism in America means: improving our selves, advancing our community to higher standards, and making our culture known and respected in America. Your tax deductible contribution and moral support are greatly appreciated.

Here is a partial list of our organizations activities for this calendar year:

Community related seminars & presentations:

National issues:
Responses to media on articles regarding anti-hellenic notions. Letter campaigns to US authorities on such issues of vital importance as the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, the Macedonian issue, Northern Epirus, and more.

Social activities:

  • Annual party
  • Get together events
  • Picnics
  • Trips

  • Member/Community advancement:
    Various seminars on such topics as Effective Internet Use, Tax Returns, Stress Management, Job Interviewing Techniques, Developing Better Job Hunting Skills, and more.
    Many companies have been participating in seminars that we organize, which are focused on Career Development & Advancement, and Money Management & Investments.

    I hope that you will see joining and/or sponsoring H.O.U.G.A. as a good opportunity for helping you meet some of your professional and social goals as well as your community responsibilities.

    Find out more about us:
    For membership information: E-mail us, your name, type of degree(s) you have, name(s) of school(s) you have attended, and your E-mail and/or regular address.

    For Sponsorship: Send us your tax deductible contribution, payable to H.O.U.G.A. Inc. or write or E-mail us so we can send you more information about our organization.

    We are dedicated to promoting Hellenism in America by promoting you.

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